What else do I need to know?

I do not willingly provide anything for court, custody, or divoce proceedings.  If for some reason I am not able to avoid there will be full day fees associated with my providing records  or attendence for court.  

Couples therapy is not appropriate for couples experiencing domestic violence in the home.

In order to participate you must sign a no secrets contract between you the therapist and your spouse.  

As a Licenced Marriage and Family Therapist I believe all Couples can benefit from Couples therapy.  From premarital couples to those seperating and wanting to coparent Couples Therapy allows us to have a neutral zone and feel heard.  Many people wait until the divorce papers are on the table to call a Couples Therapist.   Although divorce is right for some couples it will likely be the most financially and emotionally expensive thing you ever "do".  Ideal couples know what they are fighting for, and are willing to fight together.  You don't have to be ideal to benefit. 

What do we talk about?

Typical topics of frustration are finances and in laws (and sometimes how the bath towels are folded).  Sexualy intimacy along with satisfaction and fears of rejection are often a topic of conversation.  As an experienced couples therapist I guage a couples readiness for topics based on observation and assessment.  We will talk about the things that you wish you could talk about in your living room or in bed at night.  We will teach eachother how to approach these subjects without conflict or defensivness.  I will teach you how to repair.  

Speaking of finances, how much does it cost?

Most insurance companies will also cover couples therapy.  This is something to discuss with your insurance company and therapist prior to scheduling.  If insurance covers couples therapy you will still be responsible for any deductables or copays you would have with individual therapy. If we are billing your insurance you will need a full diagnostic assessment with the therapist in order to comply with insurance requirements.  

Some couples would prefer not to go through their insurance.  This leaves us with a lot more flexibility on length and frequency of sessions as well as privacy from insurance.  

Typically there will be an assessment fee for a Gottman or Prepare and Enrich assessment we will use in sessions.  The fee will depend on which assessment we agree is most appropriate.  The fee covers the direct cost of the assessment as well as the therapists interpretation.  The fee is non-refundable, and must be paid before starting the assessment.

Is there homework?

Yes.  There is typically homework.  Homework can range from "noticing" assignments to pages out of our workbooks.  All homework will be something you've been prepped for during sessions.  

What if we need individual sessions?

We will evaluate if it is appropriate for you to have individual sessions with me (focusing on relationship) or if it is best for me to refer you out.  I do recommend that all couples in couples therapy are also seeing an individual therapist.  I may check in with you during sessions regarding your individual psychological wellbeing, and medication compliance from time to time.   

Who benefits?

Couples Therapy

Healthy couples are not formed based on their lack of mistakes, but instead on their willingness and ability to repair those mistakes.